For over a decade, Scott Sterling has been weaving rhythm, melody, and line as Drumspyder, exploring the Celtic and British Islands folk ways in vital contemporary expressions. 

He brings a deep love of rhythm to his distinctive style of percussion-driven dance music.  An expert percussionist specializing in tamborines and framedrums, he weaves together intricate hand percussion and bass-heavy production into finely sculpted grooves, equally inspirational to the dancefloor and the on-stage performer. Drawing influences from the Folk, Medieval, and Renaissance music of the British Islands and Europe, his music is a unique alchemy of musical  traditions, energetic tribal rhythms, and archaic pagan atmosphere. 

As a  visual artist, he is developing an intricate and elegant style of painting, ink drawing and vector design. He is inspired by Celtic Insular and Medieval styles, and brings them into the present age to illuminate themes of the Anglo-Saxon and Celtic spiritual traditions.

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Setesh Free Music Management

+1 (770)-530-7712 (What’s App)


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1-Minute Promo Video Recap of a show at the Arcata Theater, Oct. 2 2021 (Video by Ezra Hollis) 72.9 MB
Drumspyder Forest 1 Photo by Anthony Svendsen 2.19 MB
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Photo : Anthony Svendsen

Photo : Anthony Svendsen

Photo : Anthony Svendsen